Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Why I can't bring myself to care about the Mosque near Ground Zero.

I have to admit to having no real concern about the mosque near ground zero.  I feel a little guilty about that.  I know it is wrong to judge a whole group of people as associated with evil and I generally do my best to not make such judgments. 

I also know I should never wish harm to anyone and that is where I feel a little guilty.   You see I'm sure it is not the intention of every Muslim to associate themselves with the very worst villains of the century.  I'm sure that the average Muslim does not want to be the enemy of the United States and be hated by all of its citizens.  So maybe I'm just lazy and inconsiderate of those every day Muslims to not lead a charge on their behalf to stop this Muslim flag being forever posted on the battlefield of ground zero.  Perhaps I'm just too tired from fighting for liberty of my children and grandchildren to also try to shepherd a whole group of people away from being forever tattooed as hateful radicals hell bent on the destruction of civilization.   

Then again maybe it is not my place, just as I know of no Yankees who stood up against the Ku Klux Klan to stop them from using the battle flag of the Confederacy as a symbol of hate.  I could see myself becoming more concerned if I saw someone that can claim this Muslim flag coming forward.  If one of these day to day Muslims took a page from the Tea Party movement and decided to lead this fight against Muslims forever being associated with such evil.  I guess I would support such a movement of good will and harmony.   I'm sorry though, I may just stand by until that movement has started, and I see at least some Muslims express a desire not allow their faith to forever be associated with death, destruction and hate.

Robert Bruce Alexander,
American and member of

Alexander of York